Isn’t the answer to the litter problem to stop people dropping it in the first place?

Yes, yes, yes! But educating people takes a long time, a lot of effort and resources that PAL currently does not have. Ours is a short-term solution but a valid one nevertheless. Francesca hopes that as PAL continues to grow other organisations/councils will want to get involved or give their support. There are lots of ideas on how to progress the philosophy of PAL and Francesca will continue to promote PAL’s ideas on going forward in order to eliminate the problem of litter.


I’m a busy person, where will I find the time?

There are no meetings/seminars or get-togethers. Francesca is always happy to speak personally to anyone interested (but please remember time changes if you are outside the United Kingdom!) The only time you give is the time it takes to pick up a piece of litter, which is seconds. If you would like to do more, that’s up to you. The more people and the more litter that’s picked up the quicker we all see results. It’s your own decision if you are prepared to do more.


I’m concerned that my details will be passed on – do I have to give my address and phone number?

No. A simple name and/or email address would suffice. The name of the town or city where you come from would be appreciated. However, Francesca promises not to give anyone’s details to any other third parties.


Why is it free, is there a catch?

PAL is not about profit, it’s about helping to make our communities cleaner, more pleasant places to live in for everyone. You are not asked to contribute financially when you become a PAL and neither will you be asked to do so in the future.


How is my small contribution going to make a difference?

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! A thousand mile walk begins with a single step. Only one person picking up one piece of litter would not make any difference, but if we could become thousands or millions to do so then collectively we could effect a great change. In a nutshell, here’s the PAL philosophy to illustrate the point: you are broke and have absolutely no money. Someone offers to help by giving you £1.00 – no help at all. A million people all offer to give you £1.00 – result, happy Millionaire and problem solved! Yet individually, each person contributed very very little. Never think that doing only a little bit makes no difference. It does, and will always be infinitely better than doing nothing at all. More PALs = Less Litter! Go for it!


Isn’t picking up litter unhygienic?

I don’t think so. Handling everyday money is far dirtier, and we all do that every day. There are doctors who are PALs and they wouldn’t be doing it if it were unhygienic. Isn’t it amazing that we all handle dirty money, use public toilets, travel on public transport yet balk at picking up a chocolate wrapper? Ask yourself this: If I saw a £50.00 note lying on the pavement, would I pick it up??!


What else can I do to help?

For those wishing to do a bit more, why not consider keeping the area outside your own home, business or place of work litter free? As always, passing the word on and encouraging others to play their part in making our communities better, safer and healthier places.