PAL is also Pets Against Litter!

There’s a new kid on the block!  This is Penny Lane, the second dog PAL (who joined in November 2014)

Penny loves to collect litter for her owner, Bill Lane.  She gets a treat for putting all her bits of litter near the bin then conscientious Bill pops it in the bin!

Well done to both!

Penny 4 Penny Lane 1 Penny Lane 3

Let me introduce Benji,  a devoted PAL and the only dog so far to have this title !

Benji’s owner Clive Pedley, from Bridport,Dorset, has trained Benji to pick up litter and drop it into litter bins on his daily walks.

Congratulations to Clive, also a PAL, and Benji, for helping to make their community more pleasant for everyone.

Here’s Benji in action ……..

Benje 1 Benje 2 Benje 3